Maps of Spondon

We've collected together several different maps of Spondon, past and present.

Spondon on Google Maps

Spondon on the UK's most popular online mapping service, Google Maps.

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Spondon A-Z Map

From when we first launched the Spondon Online website back in 2000, here's the A-Z map of Spondon from the time. Can you spot which newer streets around the area are missing from the 2000 map?

(Reproduced by permission of Geographers' A-Z Map Co. Ltd. © Crown Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. Licence number 100017302.)

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Old Maps of Spondon

The National Library of Scotland (NLS) had a great online tool where you can explore a range of OS and other maps of Spondon dating back to the 1800s. It's a fascinating way to look at how Spodnon has expanded and changed over the decades.

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Maps of Spondon, 1900